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I have an established career
Your finances are complex
If you are already many years into your successful career, you have probably built up substantial finances through a wide range of different investments by now. This is also coincidently the time when many major expenses will hit you. Your primary concern now would be whether you have planned adequately for them and if not, what corrective actions need to be taken to secure these sacred goals like Children’s education and planning for retirement. You may need to review your existing assets and re-check whether they match your current profile and needs.    

Simplify your finances
We will conduct a detailed study of your current financial position. We will appraise whether your savings are sufficient to meet your existing commitments during your pre-retirement years (like your children’s higher education) and to help you lead a comfortable life post-retirement. Whether you have sufficient medical cover to take care of increasing costs?

Review your Portfolio

We may also recommend changes, if required. Zen Forex will also review your existing portfolio regularly to realign it to match your strategic allocation requirements during this changed phase of your life.

Peace of mind
We will create a clear financial plan for you that will not only help you achieve your goals in the coming years but also give you peace of mind, knowing that your finances are secured.  We will help you get peace of mind.
To get a fresh perspective on Financial Planning, please do contact us to fix an appointment.